Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tamil Film Review - Palani "kutti pasangalukku Indha Panchamritham kudunga"

I think the tag with this film is "commercial panchamirtham", which suits really well. Perarasu, who is a expert "sarakku master" used the same utensils, masalas & method to cook one more. He keeps location names as his titles. I hope he stops here, because wherever we go, we see the samething.

A average entertainer, nothing to expect much in this movie. My kid who is 6 years old enjoyed this movie well, because of background music, dialogues, songs & fights.

One thing to mention about this movie is the performance of the child artist. The way the child expresses the dialogues, and even some of the fights are highly entertaining. Director has also put the mush for this child, and it is looking very humorous.

Wondering who is the child artist? Hey come on, you know very well. it is bharath.

"Andha kuzhandha meesai vachikittu, dialogue pesaradhum, sandha poduradhum romba thamaasa irukku pa"

Verdict: Sit back and allow your kids to enjoy this movie.

Sample dialogue in the movie: (may not be complete)

Vedhai eduthu, thanni oothi,
vedhaya sediyaaki,
sediya maramaaki
marathala poo vittu
poova kaayakki
kaaya pazhamakki
pazhathu juice aaki
juice a kudipen

Yamma, Naa indha vilayaatukku varala.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tamil Film Review - Bheema "Hammered in head"

The release of this movie was hugely delayed because of financial problems, and actor vikram made this possible by sacrificing a big chunk of his payment. Vikram really helped the producer, but made the audience a scapegoat. Producer is happy, but audience are all worried. "konchum makkala pathi yosingappa".

I feel the tamil film industry is going out of shape. Lingusamy who inspired us in his earlier movies "Run", "Sandakozhi" etc, is completly screwed up in this movie. Vikram who has come back after a long time completly disappointed us. This movie deserves to be in the top of worst movies ever. "Thitradhukku vaayila ennannamo varudhu, aana yezhudha mudiyala"

The storyline is "your life is decided when you choose your role model, so be more careful in choosing it". Now it applies to the situation "You have to choose the right movie to go, else you regret". Such a waste of time & money.

Bheema - Hammered in head. The pain will last for some more time.

Bheema, yudambu than perusu, budhiye illa.
Trisha, padathukku padam mosama poittu iruke, paathuko...

"Makkalukkaaga eppo padam yedukka pooreenga ? "

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tamil Film Review - Kaalai - "Uncooked Beef Biriyani"

I initially thought not to waste time in writing a blog for this movie, but decided to write so that others get benefited and save time.

One or two sleeping tablets required for watching this movie. I got serious headache after the movie, and had to sleep for so long, to get back to normal. Even, during the movie itself, i thought of coming out so many times, and I still feel i should have done that.

Nothing to say, this movie is a complete waste of time, and simbu seriously needs to carefully select the movies, and also come up with something good.

Verdict : Since no care is taken in storyline, screenplay etc, I can only say it as "Uncooked Beef biriyani" unfit to taste

Erkanave romba kadupaa irukkom, indha madhiri padatha koduthu melum kadupaakiranga.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"ICICI Bank - Hum Hai Na" : Yes, but why?

Today morning, i visited a ICICI bank counter, and they said, i need to bear the charges of around 225/-.

If you think, the reason could be
1. My cheque is bounced
2. I am borrowing loan from them
3. Non maintenance of minimum balance
4. Any other unusual things.
This is simply because, i wanted to deposit (my own) cash into(my own) personal account.

Deposit and withdrawal are the common (or only) transactions that can happen in a bank. How can they charge for that? They claim that this is to reduce the rush. Wow, what a customer centric action? I only know management which takes action to address the customer needs, but they are doing exactly opposite.

Right now, the procedure is, even if you have cash in your hand to deposit, either you have to pay 225/- (to deposit immediately), or you to deposit it in a cover (which will take 4 hours). I dont know whether it is legal to collect like this.

I remember the advertisement of ICICI bank "Hum Ha Na", If you have money in your account, they are readily available to grab it. People are having their accounts with ICICI not because it is a great bank, but it is better in the worst lot. Indian banking system has to travel a lot, and there is a huge scope for improvement for all the nationalized banks to firmly place their feet.

Till then, I need to be more careful with these banks to save my money .

Take care

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Pirivom Sandhipom" - Passenger train travels in a scenic route

Tamilnaduexpress again travels inside tamilnadu for a visit to one of the pongal release films "Pirivom Sandhipom" -> "PS" ( Indha padathoda pera type pannum bodhu kai valikkudhu ba)
First of all, applause to director Karu Palaniappan for giving a nice movie, which can be watched with entire family.

Sometimes, when we are tired of masala biriyanis and spicy dishes, for a change we go for curd rice. "PS" is a like a curd rice which satisfy us to some extent. You don't find "twists and turns", "smashing fights", "item songs", "non related joke track" in this movie, but still can be enjoyed. The pace of the movie is slow, and in some places (Thookkam kooda vandhadhu, aana naan thoongala) very slow, but it succeeds in taking us through most part of it.

A family oriented girl (sneha as visalakshi), getting married to a guy (cheran as natesan) in a much bigger family, gets attracted by the relationship values by their love and affection. Suddenly, a job transfer makes the couple getting relocated to a distant location, and the girl, started missing her entire family, starts losing her mental and physical health. Finally, a local doctor (jayaram) comes into rescue, brings the entire issue to the notice of the husband, who gives back the family to her.

The marriage sequence of a typical "nattukottai chetty" family is captured very well. Direction, dialogues, songs are very good and it shows they worked hard for the quality. Some of the scenes are really good, and stay in our mind. But one fact, Whenever sneha is bored and worried in the movie, i am also bored and looking at my watch. First half of the movie is really enjoyable, and I feel that second part is little tiring, and should have been handled better.

Verdict:"Pirivom Sandhipom" - Passenger train travels in a scenic route

Enjoy 75% in travel and 25% in snack.

Extra fittings:
I don't know why people have not approached sneha for "closeup toothpaste" advertisement ;-)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Equity Markets - 30-70% OFF(*Conditions Apply) , Are you ready to Buy ?

Markets for the last 5 days, are taking a deep nose dive, and never know when it will stop. People who were chasing the momentum stocks, without having a track on fundamentals have lost heavy chunk of their money.

Not only the momentum stocks, but also the blue chips corrected heavily. Most of the Nifty and Sensex stocks are available at around 50% discount from their all time highs.

When a shop next door offers a 5% discount, we were rushing to buy (even if we don't need it). When Indian front line companies like Reliance, Infosys, TCS, Tata steel etc are available at these unbelievable price, are we ready to buy it? So, guys prepare a shopping list, and wait for the right signal to buy these stocks. I am sure this will be a life time investment.

Exercise extreme caution, and you own intelligence to decide on this.

Enjoy and happy shopping.

Taare Zameen Par - Shining all the way

Some of the directional debuts by our tamil heros like Sathyaraj's Villathi villan, Sarath kumar's Thalaimagan, I could not forget because of the worst storylines, screenplays, performances and unnecessary heroism.

This time "Tamilnadu Express" goes to bollywood to visit "Taare Zameen Par".

The movie "Taare Zameen par" can definitely be given as a lesson to those who wish to direct a movie, and a must for those who are directing for the first time. The utmost care taken in the script, screenplay, performances etc are all felt throughout the film. Hats off and a big round of applause to Aamir khan and his team.

The story revolves around a child who has learning disability. The way he has been handled by his parents, his teachers, and finally how he succeeds, are all narrated in a wonderful way. Unless you are strong, you can't control the tears from your eyes, the pain in throat as you travel along the film.

People who has performed in this film have really understood the importance of their characters, and the end result is simply superb. I can still feel the greatness of music by Shankar and lyrics by prasoon.

Verdict: If you miss this, it will be a very costly one.
"Taare Zameen Par" - Shining all the way

Aamir, when is your next film ? You have created a huge impact in me.